"One’s own passion, curiosity and energy for making beautiful music, can be infectious." 

Dr Jody Heald AM

Dr Jody Heald AM - Pianist and Pedagogue

PhD (Curtin), GradDipMus (Tas), BMus (Tas), TMusA, LMusA, AMusA

  • Specialist piano tuition from beginner to concert level for all ages.
  • Online tuition for advanced players.
  • Music theory tuition.
  • Coaching for individual instrumentalists and chamber ensembles.
  • Pedagogical support for practising teachers.

The Lesson

Sharing the great skill of mastering an instrument and through music making, expressing the ineffable qualities of being human.

the process

Learning to love the process rather than fixing on the end goal of mastery.

The Reward

Through embracing effort as its own reward one learns to use it to deal with all that comes before you in life and to enjoy knowing your own strengths.

Jody is an accomplished piano pedagogue bringing a wealth of musical experience and education to students and professionals alike. Throughout her career Jody has been a successful teacher, solo performer, accompanist, and chamber player.

As a recipient of several degrees, diplomas and awards, Jody is positioned as a highly sought after teacher and mentor, not only through her own studio, and academic achievements, but through her involvement with a number of industry organisations and as the Vice President of the Tasmanian Music Teachers’ Association, the National Chairman Australasian Piano Pedagogy Conference Association and as AMEB Federal Examiner and AMEB Tasmania Senior Examiner.


Jody’s profound knowledge of the art of music brings incredible depth and context to lessons that extend far beyond both instrument and score.

Michael, Ruth & Genevieve Valentine

You have faced challenges, but you have shown patience and determination. You are not just a piano teacher; you have been an excellent mentor and therapist..

Vanessa C.

Jody is a treasure trove of musical knowledge, and an amazing asset to the arts community in Tasmania.

William Lane

My daughter is just a 10-year-old little girl, but Jody treated her like an adult, valued her opinions and respected her feelings, the rehearsal felt more like two musicians working together, instead of having a lesson where you just obey whatever your teacher told you to do.

Clare K.

We are deeply appreciative of the joy and discipline that piano lessons have brought into their lives, thanks to Jody’s dedication and passion for teaching.

The Wang Family

Despite the loving reprimands, spending one hour every week for 13 years with Jody made her an important part of my life and I loved every minute of it. She is a great teacher, performer and friend.

Dr Ramanan D.

As an amateur pianist, and sometime accompanist, who chose a different day job, I leave my sessions with Jody stimulated, wiser, challenged and inspired to practise. I could not ask for more in a teacher.

Frances Underwood

As an adult learner, I looked forward to every lesson with Jody. Knowing that I would be not only learning to play the music, but to understand it.

Christine B.